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Professional with solid experience in software development and management, leadership, team-building, workflow design and technological development. I consider myself a proactive, creative problem-solver, results-driven and with exceptional interpersonal skills person, who likes challenges, working as part of a team, and in high demanding environments. In these last few years, my career has focused on software management, development and design in the Media Broadcasting for television stations, thus allowing the automation of workflows

Audit the activities of users and processes on your systems with Auditbeat


Get to know Auditbeat and learn how it can help you by auditing the activities of the users and processes on your systems. All within a dockerized enviroment.

Capturing the network traffic with Packetbeat


Discover how Packetbeat sniffs the traffic between your servers, parses the application-level protocols on the fly, and correlates the messages into transactions. All within a dockerized enviroment.